We belong to this community. Therefore, our organization is giving back by focusing on those that need some additional wings to fly and emotions to live to the fullest.

Wings for determined

Wings for determined is a programme dedicated to 16-22 basketball players that understand the sport as a hard work, not as an expression of talent. We pick only few that are in need and show the leadership potential. They get a free-pass ticket to our specific camp. Our team takes care of traveling costs, all accommodation and other important details. We train, grow and improve together as players and as human beings. After that the flight is theirs to take.

Emotions for everybody

The game is about emotions. There is no true victory without joy and tears coming from the team and crowd. We understand how important it is to be able to express such emotions and relive them together. It transforms a day into a story worth telling about.

We collaborate with retirement homes, foster care, kinder gardens and special schools within the region to deliver such emotions to them. We pick people from particular locations and bring them to the games including a nice tour in beautiful Palanga.

Specific camps for growing professionals (Summer 2019)

Our acknowledged team of experts work with a selected number of 16-22 year old players on improving various skills and performance. From physical endurance to mental stability we do shape young talents into determined professionals.

Preparation camps for professionals (Summer 2019)

We tailor the whole camp according to particular group of participants. The whole process enables professionals to perform better in the upcoming season, regenerates emotions and rehabilitates body.

Sports Innovation Platform

Our organization is devoted to support and scale ideas, products and services improving sport industry. There are variety of possibilities but we mainly look within three tracks.

Innovations helping players perform better
Innovations enriching audience experience
Innovations increasing organizational effectiveness

The process starts with a person or a team submitting an application form. Then after rigorous examination selected ones schedule an appointment to pitch the ideas in front of the experts. Only few of them get a chance to develop their innovations within our organization. We provide mentorship, instant pilot possibility and wide network for a quick scale.